don't worry- it is in a safe bag!

don't worry- it is save!

good morning ms. Elizabeth-

thought you might like to be able to see your beautiful wedding dress that is waiting your arrival.  it is in the safety of our office, being loved by both jabez and me.

i have also decided to try making those chocolate chip cookies that you have on your google reader.  i think that the people i work with don’t- how do i say this- well they don’t love me.  so i was thinking that i would start making cookies once a month or so, so that any time they thought of me they would think cookies.  i would then therefore be associated with cookies, and who doesn’t like cookies?  other than those chocolate chip cookies, do you have any suggestions of how to win my co-workers over?

oh- also jabez and i went and saw high school musical 3 this weekend.  i love movies like that… it is a bad thing to admit.  love them.