so- this is a meal that i didn’t actually prepare, but was damn good!  Look at all of these lovely fall vegetables.  There were potatoes, squash, brussel sprouts, and apples.  danielle made them with just salt, pepper, and a bit of olive oil.  i was really surprised at how good they were.  the other part of the meal was chicken (please see below)…


this is jabez cutting the bird, which kind of fell apart because it was so juicy!  it was very good with just salt and pepper on it.  next time we are going to try some sort of bbq rub.

ok so not a very exciting post.  i should have plated my dinner like you did, maybe it would have looked more delish that way.  i do have to say that i was very happy with this dinner.  we also had apple betty with this dinner, but the picture looked a little gross- so i didn’t post.

i want to cook more often- actually i want to go to cooking school.  i think that would be totally awesome.