I do – just above my right eye. I got it at my friend Laura van der Pol’s house when I was eight. I was doing a backbend in her living room and I smacked myself right beneath my eyebrow as I was coming out of the move (I used to be able to go into and come out of a backbend from a standing position….ah, those were the days). I didn’t know that I was bleeding until my vision went red.

Dave also has one in the same spot. He got it in one of those ball cages at a Chuck-E-Cheese type place. He was hiding in the balls and then someone jumped in and hit him.

So THEN! I was looking at photography blogs (my new obsession since finding the animal photographer below) and I came across this:


(Source: http://tooleart.com/blog/)

I also have one on the bottom of my chin from when I slipped on a rock under a waterfall when I was nine. I feel like bottom of the chin is a common scar spot too.