so a few different things are running through my mind right now- lucky for you i am going to share them with you.

first:: following your mom’s lead- i am grateful for great friends.  seriously great friends.  i don’t know if you know this, but my friends/our friends are amazing.  not only in the types of ways that they lend themselves towards others, but in some of the things that they are doing to contribute to our society.  i am happy to say that at the ripe ages of 24-25 that i believe that they will continue to give in admirable ways for the rest of their lives.

second:: i need a little imput.  i want to bake.  but i want to bake for other people.  i was thinking how can i bake, but be volunteering or at least sharing my wonderful cookies/ whatever i choose to bake that day with others?  right now i am seeing myself passing out cookies to homeless people, what are your thoughts?  please provide feedback.

oh but i have to be able to still have a regular full time job.