1. Living close to my amazing friends. To continue what you were saying earlier – I agree, we DO have incredible friends. We’re lucky we all found each other and ended up in Seattle long enough to become so important to one another. I can’t imagine what my life would be without all of you friggin’ people.



2. Being able to get out of the city rightnow if I felt like it. Dave and I used to go to Discovery Park so often that I can still remember every little turn in the loop we would run (and you KNOW how I am about directions.)




3. Knowing things. I just knew my way around that damn city. I knew where to go to buy a pastry mixer (Metropolitan Market) or to get waxed (Diamond Nails) or to have a freakishly fun night (Kells) or to eat a delicious eggsadilla for breakfast (Pesos). In Seattle, when I wanted to go somewhere, I didn’t have to print out four different maps because the streets there make a modicum of sense. All you have to know is how to count to 7 (or 9 if you’re heading up to the doctor), and “Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Protest.” I asked Dave Smith for a mnemonic device to remember downtown Chicago’s streets, and he said “EMOW CCSHEOO GIHK.” And apparently that’s only a teensy fraction of the streets! I’m just too blonde for this city.