Okay so I just called Kellogg to make sure that my application was complete (there was a bit of confusion over my London School of Economics transcript), and the gal I was speaking with said “Oh, they’re actually reviewing your application as we speak.” So then, being the Kellogg fan that I am, I said, “Oooh, go put in a good word for me hahahahajustkiddinghahaha!” I couldn’t tell if I made her uncomfortable or if she thought it was funny. Crap! Crap. It’s just that I would go to Kellogg TOMORROW if they let me in. I’ve never felt so connected to a place in my life. I love the people, and the program, and the professors, and the atmosphere….ah, Kellogg, would that I could write thee a love letter. I wish I could run down to Evanston and poke my head in the room where they’re talking about me and tell them what an awesome student I’ll be if they let me in. My heart is pounding!!