so i found a pair of shoes and i wanted to know your feelings about them.  they are super simple, but molly and i were both looking at them.  i was wondering how you felt about the brown stacked heel.  do you think that is going to pull away from the grey dress?  thoughts? yellow-shoes

my next question is, have you looked at any necklaces that you love that you are really interested in having us purchase.  i am a little intense and i would like my shoes and my necklace to match, and be the same shade of yellow.  if you haven’t found anything, not to worry i am sure i can find simple yellow heels anytime.

also- is there anything that i can do here in seattle to help you out with the wedding.  if you need me to go try cake for you, just let me know 🙂 (i do know that you aren’t having cake, but it is a good excuse.)