I’m going to sit down today and map out what I’ll be making. We’re going to two T-giving celebrations so I’m going to have double the fun! The first event is at our friend Ethan’s house (not Tittler, obviously…this is a guy from Dave’s law school). He’s having over all of the strays who didn’t go home for the holiday. I’m worried that he won’t do many of the traditional foods, so I’m going to bake some pies and possibly a side dish or two to make sure everyone remembers how totally freakin’ sweet T-giving is.

Then, at four, we’re going to dinner with Dave’s uncle at a family friend’s house. This is what they do every year, and apparently the hostess is known for her amazing pies. So I’ll probably only stick to one pie and come up with something else that will knock everyone’s socks off.

What are you planning on making? I need inspiration. Also, get ready for a TON of pictures-slash-spastic descriptions of my amateur adventures in the kitchen.