this is a picture report of our thanksgiving journey to mecca.  i want you to know that jabez was prepared- backpack and all.


it was a very quite morning in SLU (south lake union), but we made sure to walk past all the fun places on the way to our mecca.  this walk was based around all that is thanksgiving- nice sightseeing… the seattle space needle.


hostess cakes, maker of wonderful cupcakes and other delicious treats. (i don’t actually eat these and never have, but when they bake things in the morning it smells pretty damn good!)


all things american- football and the trophy shop.


and then on to mecca-


you have got to love all the fresh foods!  we had a few things to pick up for our mexican thanksgiving.  

so i know that this may be news to you, but we decided to have a mexican thanksgiving instead of the traditional type.  we are having a seven layer dip, and tacos! (i will share pictures after the food has been made).

i did see that you made the grapefruit cake- my FAVORITE!