So I came across this recipe and thought it sounded amazing. I mean, apples? Bacon? How could you possibly go wrong?


But I gotta be honest. It didn’t knock my socks off like some of the other stuff I’ve been cooking up recently. I did modify the recipe somewhat due to laziness and Trader Joe’s not having escarole. I used Belgian endives instead, which are in the same family as escarole, (foolishly?) thinking that there would be little difference.

However! There was some potentch there, which is why I’m telling you about it. Plus, it was easy. So here’s what I did, with little notes about what I would change in the future. My advice is not to plan on making this, but if you happen to see some particularly good-looking endives/escarole/apples/bacon at the store, then grab the other two ingredients and have at it. You probably have everything else you need in your kitchen, or can find a good substitute.

  • Ingredients: 4 strips of turkey bacon, 1 green apple (but if I made this again I would use at LEAST two, if not three), 12 endives (TJs sold them in packs of three…I would have been fine with just 9 but I was being careful. Also, I’ll bet escarole would be better anyway), chicken or vegetable broth (maybe a quarter cup), some lemon juice
  • Get your man to cut some turkey bacon into thin strips and throw them into the pan on medium heat.
  • Cut the apple into thin pieces – not as chunky as the Kitchn recipe recommends. 
  • When the bacon looks crispy and delicious, take it out of the pan – THEN add the apple. If you try to have the apple and the bacon in the pan at the same time, as the Kitchn suggests, it gets confusing. Also, you might want to have a tiny bit of butter or olive oil on hand, since when we did this the apple seemed to want to stick a bit.
  • When the apple browns, toss in the endives (or escarole). Add the broth and some glurgs of lemon juice (I didn’t actually use lemon juice but I think it would have been a nice addition), then cover the pan but leave a gap for the steam to escape. 
  • After ten minutes, or whenever the liquid evaporates, add salt and pepper to taste and then serve, sprinkling with the bacon.


So…yeah. I don’t know why I didn’t love this. Maybe it’s because I made so much that I felt compelled to eat all of it, even though it’s really only good as a small side dish. Dave liked it, but he likes everything. It would have been heavenly served over some whole wheat pasta, though. I’ll have to try that next time.