I’m not talking about Dave, although our three-year anniversary is tomorrow and I’m excited-slash-nostalgic that it’s our last anniversary before we’re married. Also, being jobless = no present-buying on my part, so I’d luuurve any suggestions you  have for me. Don’t worry, he doesn’t read this unless I tell him to.

Anyway. That is not what I’m trying to tell you about. You brought something up in your earlier post that made my soul cry out in longing. I’ve kept relatively quiet (for me) on this front, since I didn’t think that anyone would agree with my forbidden love. But I could tell that you, Linds, understand the depth of my devotion. Once you’ve used one, you can never go back. And I’m still a virgin to it! I’ve never laid so much as a finger on one.


O, Kitchenaid Professional Stand Mixer, how I long for thee! Like Britney Spears to a bag of Cheetos, my soul reaches for you no matter what anyone says! I don’t care that you’re overpriced and take up more room than I have in my kitchen! I need you. I will lovingly prepare a haven where you can rest between bouts of foodmaking with me.

So, yes, I will be registering for one. Molly, I know you’re reading – did you end up getting one of these guys? Are you glad you did? My only concern is that it’s sorta spendy…and I’d rather my guests didn’t feel weird about getting it for me. Thoughts? Comments?