What’s this, you ask?


Well, I’ll tell you:

Only the best, most awesome, most totally sweet game Dave and I have ever come up with. It can be played anytime, no matter which end of the sobriety spectrum you find yourself on. It’s so great that there’s not even a name for it. We just call it “The List Game.” The premise is simple: each person playing comes up with a list of ten items based on a prompt. For example, the list above was my response to “Which ten famous people would you want to have in your inner-circle of close friends?” After each person completes his/her list, you share your responses (and give the reasoning behind them), and then you negotiate the CRAP out of each other until you have a combined list. The more people playing, the more rowdy and hilarious the negotiations are. ENDLESS fun, I’m telling you.

This is one of Dave’s pages. The two prompts were: “Which fictional characters do you wish were real, and also in your close circle of friends?” (you can tell there was a theme that night) and “Which families, real or imagined, would you like to be a part of?”


You can go so many directions with this game! “Dream playlist,” “People you hate,” “People whose life you wish you could have,” “Awesome baby names,” etc. Tomorrow (or the next time I get my hands on Dave’s computer, which he’s holding hostage during exam week) I’ll post the results of our negotiations. Pretty amazing.