yesterday i had a lovely surprise from jabez- CAKE stencils, which i cannot wait to try.  i love the idea of making a red velvet cake, having the cream cheese frosting, and then just to spicy it up a bit use the stencil with the circles- dusting the cake with cocoa! 

he also brought home holiday cookie cutters for me to make my gingerbread men with!  i have decided that in light of my cookie obsession, i am going to make cookies for people.  i have decided on my final list, and will hopefully have all the baking done just in time for you to arrive to seattle (THAT IS IN LESS THAN A WEEK!) eep!  super excited. 

Final holiday cookie list…drumroll…

  • Gingerbread- with my cute new cookie cutters
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies- i know they aren’t holiday but i have been dying to try a new recipe
  • Almond Roca- delish!
  • Fudge- of course
  • Homemade oreos- SO excited, there is nothing better than a good oreo

Also on the list for baking right now, is red velvet cake, apple bread, and a tiramisu cake.

phew.  i am already tired.