This is a boring post but if I don’t write SOMETHING then I’m going to get an ulcer. You’ve been forewarned. It’s about new books and how much I love the Ditty Bops. (At least it’s not about almond butter, Linds.)

So, I’m sitting here at my computer, FUH-reaking out because I’m going to find out whether I got into business school soon. I know that it’s exactly where I belong, and it kills me (and my complexion) that the decision’s out of my hands.

Annnnd…here’s where I’m going to get boring, so only jump below if you have nothing better to do and you (for some reason) are interested to see which books I bought today. This is completely self-indulgent and I can’t believe I’m even going to post it.

Today I realized that my brain was getting the better of me in my battle with b-school anxiety, so I took myself on a date to the bookstore. I don’t know if it’s because I grew up around the publishing world, but something about being near so many new books makes my mind shut up. It’s like my brain can sense the millions of new ideas floating in the store, so it clears out and makes room.

An hour later, I felt worlds better and I walked away with some new friends:


It’s completely uninteresting, but I’ll point out that the four fiction books are all novels based on existing works of great literature (Romeo and Juliet, The Canterbury Tales, The Wizard of Oz, and Songs of Innocence and of Experience). There’s a word for books like these, but I’m having a tip-of-the-tongue moment and I can’t come up with it. I’m always drawn to this type of fiction. One of my fave novels is Sena Jeter Naslund’s Ahab’s Wife, which is based on a single paragraph in Moby Dick.

I suppose if you’ve read this far, it probably means that you read my previous post on my reading habits. I ended up reading Edgar Sawtell next. Sadly, it just didn’t grab me. I can see why people are loving it so much; it’s beautifully written and incredibly well-imagined. I’m just one of those people who wants a more action-driven story, I guess. I think the word for that is “shallow.” Edgar is quite cerebral, and perfect for the type of person who likes to have her brain stretched and challenged every step of the way. Anyway, enough about that. Most authors set up Google alerts to read what people are saying about their work, and I’m always amazed by the incredibly thoughtless and cruel readers who post scathing reviews and personal attacks simply because a story didn’t resonate with them. I’ve seen my mom go through the emotional, painstaking process of writing more than 40 novels. Even if I don’t love a book that I’m reading, I always recognize the work that the author put into it. Edgar Sawtell is a masterpiece…I just don’t have the brainpower at the moment to appreciate its subtlety.

Anyway, sorry about the lame post. I’m going to go abandon my head for a while. In the meantime, you can listen to the song that sounds the way I’ve been feeling all day (it’s bad quality, and if you’ve never listened to the Ditty Bops before then I command you to go get their album rightnow):