Okay, that title is going to get me in trubs. But it’s justified. Here is why (and for the record, putting those boxes over things felt like taking Crayola to a Monet):


It might be hard to tell from the teensiness of this picture, but the middle of the invitation will be wrapped in yellow vellum with a quote from my wedding poem printed on it. I’m dying. DYING! Oh, and those yellow lines? Yeah, those are going to be hand-stitched.

Aubrey has her own event production company, Atlas Productions, and she does SO so much more than bomb invitation designs. Having been to one of her phenomenal events, I can honestly say that there is no one better to have on your team. If you took the two ends of the event planning spectrum – ingenious creativity and hyper-organization – and managed to fit them into one gorgeous lady, you’d have Aubrey. Ooo she gives me shivers!