I’ve been invisible on Gmail all day because I’m overwhelmed by how many people are online, so here’s the link to my Google Reader.

For anyone else interested: Google Reader will change your life. I put all of the blogs I read regularly on it. The link above will show you all of the articles that I’ve shared. They’re totally random and absolutely chosen with Lindsey in mind. I could go on, but you should really just look at Google Reader yourself and then be like “Why didn’t I start using this earlier?”

My favorite thing about Google Reader is that it keeps track of blogs that aren’t updated frequently. I used to get so sick of visiting a blog I liked over and over again and being disappointed that there were no new posts. Now I don’t even have to think about it – if there’s something new, it’s in my Reader! (No, I was not paid by Google to write this. Although I should have been.)