just an idea

just an idea

today was the first day of the rest of my organic life.  today, was the first day that Spud! delivered fresh organic vegetables and fruit to my apartment.  i know that there are lots of different local farms that are similar, but i feel that spud is more flexible than most other services that i have seen like this.  if you are like me, and starting slow, i started with just a fresh harvest box.  this box is a mixture of produce.  i chose to pay $20 (with an added $3.50 delivery fee) to have my first box delivered.  in my box there was the following: butternut squash, yellow onion, cameo apples, pears, shiitake mushrooms, red potatoes, rainbow chard, and basil.


in addition to the fresh produce that i ordered, you can also do dairy, meat, etc.

in an effort to start eating foods that are grown closer to home, i chose the option to have none of my produce come from over 500 miles away.  i am starting slow!

**Obviously this is not all the food that i have talked about, some of it actually was put away right away.