After the holidays, Dave and I had a chance to do a bit of fluffing around our condo. Let’s start with the only exciting improvement: you remember that painting that I got Dave last year for his birthday?

"Three Kisses, Small Heart"

"Three Kisses, Small Heart"

Jerri Lisk is an artist from Idaho who paints on thick sheets of aluminum. Her art is like nothing I’ve ever seen. My parents know how much we enjoy her work, so for the holidays they gave us another of her paintings. It’s gorgeous – and just what we needed for over our couch.

"In the Water, They Touch"

"In the Water, They Touch"

Dave and I were beside ourselves when we opened this gift, along with a personal note from Jerri herself. Best. Present. Ever.

We also made some boring-but-awesome-for-us improvements, thanks to Ikea and Dave’s manliness. Behold: my very first bedside table, ever. Actually, bedside tables. My life has been transformed. I used to have a pile of books and a lamp on the floor next to me, and now?



That’s I, Claudius by Robert Graves, by the way. It’s a fun read, if a bit dense. I’m about 150 pages from being done, and I heard somewhere that the last 100 pages are going to blow my mind.

Last but not least, we re-created my vanity. Here’s where the aforementioned manliness came in. You see that metal shelf in the middle there? Originally it was about a foot too long to fit between our dressers. Dave had to – get this – SAW THROUGH METAL TO MAKE IT FIT. Are you swooning? Thought so. I was swooning too, until a metal spark from the jigsaw hit me in the eye.


Speaking of “vanity,” sorry for this OSB-style post, Linds, where I write about something completely inane and boring and conceitedly think that people want to hear about it. I mean, come on Wiggs. Bedside tables? I need to adopt a puppy. THAT would make for an awesome blog post.

(For the record, though, I think my makeshift vanity is genius and it has made getting ready every day a pleasure. A PLEASURE. And Jerri Lisk’s name needs to be shouted from the mountaintops.)