I’m pretty excited about this (plus I think that if I write about it on our blog, I’ll actually do it). I came up with a DIY project for myself!

It all started when I was watching Gossip Girl the other night. There was a shot of Serena’s bedroom, and I was like…woah. Her bedside lamp is incred. I need it.


Right? Don’t you love it? The only trouble is that it’s a bit spendy for me. So that one’s gonna have to wait till after the wedding. Then I got to doing some Internet stalking of the rest of the room, and I fell head-over-heels for the padded panels that make up her “headboard” (it’s a bit mondo to be called a headboard….which I love).


The best part is that something like this is incredibly easy to do yourself. Dave and I sorely lack a bedframe and headboard, so this would be a perfect project for me! I figured I would end up getting plywood cut to the right dimensions, but I found this article and now I think this could be a fantastic, cheap way to spend a weekend. My only challenge now is to get Dave on board….