I love the feeling of cooking a new recipe and knowing that it’s going to become a go-to dish for me. That’s how I felt when I made the grapefruit yogurt cake, and the Grandfather’s soup, and the black bean quinoa dish a couple of weeks ago. And now I’ve found another! I present to you, adapted from Smitten Kitchen as always, the dish that made Dave do an interpretive dance of deliciocity:


I started with Smitten Kitchen’s potato and artichoke tortilla recipe, but unfortch, I didn’t have any artichokes. In hindsight, I kind of like this without the artichokes – I think that their tanginess would overpower it (says the girl who heaped her slice with goat cheese).

I’ll be honest – it’s not the least labor-intensive thing you’ll ever make…but it’s not that bad, and the results are totes worth it. The most intimidating part is flipping the “tortilla” (which is basically an omelette with potatoes in it) onto a plate, then sliding it back into the pan. I didn’t have a good plate for this, so I ended up using a rimless cookie sheet. But I get ahead of myself. First, the recipe:



  • 3 medium-sized potatoes (slightly smaller than your fist)
  • 1 onion
  • 1 roasted red pepper
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons chicken broth
  • Splash of soy milk (or regular milk)
  • However much salt your inner chef tells you to add
  • Dash of cumin (seriously, this wouldn’t be a Wiggs dish without cumin…and no, it’s not in the original recipe)
  • Olive oil
  • Your fave goat cheese for topping

First, quarter the potatoes and thinly slice them. I was DREAMING about having a mandoline for this…but I guess I have to wait till after our wedding. Before you slice your ‘taters, put on a pot of water to boil. When they’re all sliced, add them to the boiling water and set a timer for 10 minutes.

Next, quarter and thinly slice your onions.


In the pan that you’ll be using for your tortilla (mine is a deep, 8-inch frying pan), glurg some olive oil and add the onion. Sautee for about five minutes. Deb from Smitten Kitchen says not to let the onion get brown, but who doesn’t like caramelized onions?

Next, if you’re Lindsey or Molly and you know how to make your own roasted red pepper, do it and know that you’re kicking Wiggs’s ass in the kitchen. Otherwise, get some in a jar. While the onion is cooking, thinly slice the pepper.


Add the roasted red pepper, then grab a slotted spoon or one of these things that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE, and transfer the potatoes into the pan. Sautee the veggies together, stirring gently, for a couple of minutes. You will have to restrain yourself from eating the results, which you must now transfer into a large bowl and put in the fridge (or let cool completely, if you’re making this part ahead of time).


Now for the moral dilemma of the dish. You have to put chicken stock…into eggs. I don’t know. I just feel like that’s weird. I mean…chicken…in eggs. Right? Doesn’t that make you shiver a little bit? THEN, if your boyfriend isn’t lactose intolerant, you add a splash of milk?! It’s like the circle of farm life, all in a bowl. I ended up using our soy creamer, so I didn’t have to add that dimension of weirdness to my experience. (p.s. The original recipe doesn’t call for milk, but I think that cooked eggs smell like wet dog if you don’t put milk in them. Maybe that’s just me. Whatever.) So yeah. Put four eggs, some chicken stock, and a splash of milk into a bowl.


Add some dashes of salt and a smidge of cumin, then beat lightly. Add the veggies into the egg mix and stir to combine. Then pour all of that shizz into your pan, which should be heating on medium-high heat on the stove with a goodly amount of olive oil in it. I can’t tell you how much olive oil I used, because I ended up dumping some of it out when it threatened to overflow. Treat the egg mixture like an omelette for the first minute, getting it flat and making sure that it’s not sticking to your pan. Then reduce the heat to medium-low and leave it for a while…I ended up waiting 9 minutes before I turned it. (Deb from SK says to wait until the top is wet, but not liquid.)

Now for the hard part: take a rimless plate or cookie sheet and place it over the top of the pan. Using an oven mitt, invert that sucker as fast as your scrawny triceps will allow you to! It’s scary…but pretty satisfying. Just make sure that the plate and the pan remain in contact. Then slide the tortilla off of the plate and back into the pan, and be surprised by how easy it was. Reduce the heat to low and leave the pan alone for about 4 or 5 minutes. At this point, it’s up to you. If you feel like it’s cooked through, and you like how brown it is on both sides, then flippin’ sweet. Transfer it to your serving plate. I ended up doing the cookie sheet-flip thing a couple more times, but after a while Dave pointed out that I was just showing off. He was right.


Et voila! Isn’t it so pretty and round? And delish. Trust me on that. Top with a scoop of goat cheese and get ready to have about three servings in a row.