Should I? Look at them! They’re precious! I think I need them. I think they will be my perfect “something blue” for the wedding. Right? Oh lord, talk me off of this ledge!


The insoles are made from the same material seen in basketball and running shoes. So wearing these would basically be like getting married in the cutest sneakers of all time.

I’m just so torn, because silly Dave (or maybe wiley Dave?) caught wind of my love for these babies, and suddenly got all sentimental about how he loooves the shoes I’ve already got. I mean, I love them too…but they’re about as special to me as any other cute pair of shoes. See?


Also, I’m not certain that the Steve Maddens will feel good all day long. I bought the same pair in pink to see how easy they were on my feet…and….I’ll go ahead and say mediocre. Sure, I’ll be floating on a cloud on my wedding day and probably won’t feel the blisters…but still…