My mom says MOB instead of Mother of the Bride because I think it freaks her out to think of me being enough of an adult to get married.


She and I are having a bear of a time trying to find her MOB dress, despite her stunning good looks (see above). And then – WHAMMY – I realized that you three are the most fashionable girls I know, so I thought I’d ask for YOUR input. To see what dresses she has considered-slash-is considering, jump below. I’d love some insight from our other readers, too…and I know you’re out there! We’ve had 26 views today, and it’s not even past lunchtime on the West Coast!

Here, in no particular order, are the dresses she and I have passed back and forth. Actually, the only one that came from me is the one where the MOB is wearing a jacket, which is SO not my mom…but I thought that the rest of the dress looked nice. Also, it should be noted that the one with ruffles, where the model looks like she’s trying to figure out what 1+1 equals, wouldn’t even be a possibility had it not been for Lindsey’s amazing dress-locating skills. God, I love my friends.







Here are my observations: I think my mom would rather not wear a long dress. Additionally, she almost never wears red or yellow colors – she’s like me and sticks to blues and grays (and she looks bomb-dot-com in purple and green…I mean look at her hair. Right?!) Also, I know she’s a fan of neither spaghetti straps nor cap sleeves, but she’ll alter them if the rest of the dress is perfect. What do you ladies think? And have you come across any other dresses lately that would make my  mom look smokin’ on my wedding day?