Okay, so maybe I have an unfair bias against the Jonas Brothers because they’re the first pop sensation to make their way to superstardom before I knew who they were. In other words: I’m too old to know what kids are listening to these days.


With the adorably endearing exceptions of Adele, Sugarland, and of course Jennifer Hudson, the only reasons to watch tonight’s Grammy Awards are the musical performances. So when I heard that The Grand Master of All that is Musically Good and Holy and Friggin’ Awesome, Stevie Wonder, would be performing with the Jonas Children, I was pretty excited. I mean, there’s gotta be a reason that those little boys got so famous, right?


Well, maybe the performance WAS good, but I wouldn’t know because I blacked out the whole thing: the Head Jonas FORGOT THE LYRICS TO SUPERSTITION. The flash of shock that flitted across his face when he realized his flub would have been hilarious if I hadn’t been so (gratuitously) offended. I don’t know much about singing live, but I DO know that if I were given the honor of performing with a musical titan like Stevie Wonder, I sure as eff would know the lyrics to his song backward, forward, and in Latin.

Superstition starts at 2:10 and then the shameful mistake starts at 2:45. And as a bonus: to see puberty in action, fast forward to 3:22. (Okay, that’s a low blow. They can’t help their voices changing. And I can’t help laughing at them for it.)