We left this page blank originally but now it seems we’ve got some readers! Speaking of, readers, we’d love to meet you! Feel free to comment with any questions/suggestions/(nice) opinions/etc. So here’s a little background about the blog:

Lindsey and Wiggs started this blog as a way to keep in touch after Wiggs moved from Seattle (their hometown) to Chicago. They went to college together in Claremont, California, along with two other lovely ladies named Molly and Aubrey, who you’ll meet soon. Here’s a little bit of informayshe on each of the four of us:

  • Lindsey works in marketing for a large Seattle fashion retailer, meaning that she’s a style guru. She lives with her charming hunk of a man, Jabez.
  • Aubrey is a wedding planner (get in touch if you’d like to hear more about her services because she’s amayyyyyyzinnnngggg!!!) who lives with her dashing fiance, Nick, in Southern California.
  • Molly is kicking butt in nursing school right now. She lives with her costume-loving, gorgeous husband (HUSBAND!!!!) Jesse in Seattle, right across the street from where Wiggs used to live….sniff sniff.
  • Wiggs moved to Chicago with her incredible fiance, Dave, so that he could attend law school. She’s still trying to find her dreamjob, and in the meantime she’s spending her free time in the kitchen.