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february-2009-004I’ve really been hyping my first use of the KitchenAid stand mixer you ladies got me. And let me tell you: our initial run together was an earth-shattering success.

My friends, I present to you Smitten Kitchen’s Car Bomb Cupcakes. I was so excited that I took an annoyingly large number of pictures, so you’ll have to bear with me.

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Should I? Look at them! They’re precious! I think I need them. I think they will be my perfect “something blue” for the wedding. Right? Oh lord, talk me off of this ledge!


The insoles are made from the same material seen in basketball and running shoes. So wearing these would basically be like getting married in the cutest sneakers of all time.

I’m just so torn, because silly Dave (or maybe wiley Dave?) caught wind of my love for these babies, and suddenly got all sentimental about how he loooves the shoes I’ve already got. I mean, I love them too…but they’re about as special to me as any other cute pair of shoes. See?


Also, I’m not certain that the Steve Maddens will feel good all day long. I bought the same pair in pink to see how easy they were on my feet…and….I’ll go ahead and say mediocre. Sure, I’ll be floating on a cloud on my wedding day and probably won’t feel the blisters…but still…

Everyone else is rolling their eyes and grumbling, but I’m dancing and prancing all around!!!





p.s. The picture of the yellow leaves at the top of this blog is the same tree as you see here. I freakin’ love seasons!

I can't resist taking pictures of trees!

I love taking tree pictures


Last Friday you probably noticed that I was away from the computer…it’s because I had a full-on, productive-ass day planned! Dave and I hiked up to Evanston (about 20 minutes by car). I parked him at a Starbucks so that he could work on a paper for law school and I went and had lunch with a woman who owns her own real estate consulting company. She was great, and it felt good to be making a connection. She took me to a place called the “Pancake House” and I ate something called an “apple pancake.” I can’t really describe it except to say that it looked like someone had put pastry dough, apples, caramel, and sugar into a cast iron pan, melted it all together, and up-ended it on a plate. It was dee-lish. It was also 1700 calories, which I didn’t find out until after I wolfed down about three-quarters of it.

Then we went over to Kellogg (also in Evanston) and I showed myself around a bit, hoping that someone would notice me and be like, “Oh, we know YOU! We just decided to offer you admission to the class of 2009!”

THEN I went and bought Twilight. You know, that vampire book? Yeah. I actually think I’m going to devote a whole post to that.

THEN we went to Dave’s cousin’s birthday party and had some delicious Mexican food.

Annnnyhoooo, to make up for no posts on Friday or over the weekend (it was a busy busy weekend), here are some pictures from our tromp around Evanston. Please to enjoy:

A frozen river

A frozen river

You can see where the water turns into ice

You can see where the water turns into ice

Evanston train tracks

Evanston train tracks



A typical street in Evanston. Gorge.

A typical street in Evanston. Gorge.


My freakishly short hair, in the sunlight

My freakishly short hair, in the sunlight

I don’t know, man, I could see myself moving there and then forcing you and Molly and Aubrey and my parents to follow.

I don’t plan on having bebehs anytime soon – gotta wait until we’re both out of grad school – but that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about my future toe-headed cherubs.

I came across Sharon Montrose earlier today and all I can think about now is how sweet her photos would be grouped together on a wall in a nursery. Here‘s her Etsy shop. A couple of my favorites:




Sharon even shows how amazing her work looks grouped! (Side note: I friggin love the color of the wall. I’ve been thinking about throwing a couple of gray walls into our condo…but part of me thinks I should do color if I’m going to paint at all)


Here’s Sharon’s blog, which I promptly put on my Google Reader:

Here’s something that I KNOW we both agree on: how totally frickin’ awesome the Jenna Lyons’ house is.

J.Crew house

J.Crew house